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Facebook and Skype on Social Network VOIP Deal

Facebook and Skype on Social Network VOIP Deal
Rivaling Google’s VOIP tools, Facebook will integrate along with Skype to let users leverage the VOIP giant’s PC to PC calling capabilities.

Facebook and Skype are planning an integration that would allow their users to send SMS’s and make voice and video calls to friends and contacts through Skype.

The users will be able to sign into Skype via Facebook Connect and allow them to sign into third party sites with the Facebook accounts. The integration is expected to happen in Skype 5.0 and will be launched in October.

However, this report hasn’t been confirmed yet either from Facebook and Skype. They are keeping the whole thing a hush hush matter.

Web users today are spending a lot of time in Facebook socializing rather than searching on Google. Even though Facebook has over 500 million users, they still want to improve the stickiness quotient as they are progressing its social advertising capabilities.

To achieve this, Facebook has to give more emphasis on their communication capabilities and through this, they allow users to see their contacts and send messages. However, voice communications and face to face video chat are not on the menu.

While integrating with Skype, which has more than 560 million users itself, it would provide these capabilities without forcing Facebook to build their own VOIP capabilities.