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Facebook - The Most Visited Site in US than Google

Facebook - The Most Visited Site in US than Google
Facebook has a lot of reasons to smile as it has been confirmed that it is the most popular website in the USA. They have surpassed even the Internet giant Google.

According to the report, people spend 9.9% of their daily time, perusing through Facebook as compared to 9.6% for Google. This study also took into account Google’s various services like Youtube and Gmail.

The report showed figures from August and found that users spend about 41.1 millions minutes in Facebook as compared to 39.8 million minutes on Google.

The usage of Facebook is constantly growing and let’s not forget that Google has been trying hard to overthrow them using their not so lucky networking experience.

Facebook accounted only less than 5% of all time spent online in USA only a year back and today, they are more than 10%.

Google has yet to crack down Facebook in the social media world. Facebook now has over 500 million users while Google has still yet to make their networking sites work. Let’s see if Google Me is a hit rather than a miss this time.