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Google Chrome to Phone

Google Chrome to PhoneNow Chrome to phone is a must have for phones running Android 2.2 ("Froyo").

The utility allows anyone to send a Webpage from Chrome browser directly to a phone and have it opened by using an appropriate application. Like sending directions from Google Map by using Maps app and a standard web page will open in the Android web browser. This is a great way you can use to share information between a computer and a mobile device.

To clip text from the web page, you can simply highlight the text and send it to your phone and it will be copied in the device clipboard.

For dialing a number from a web page, highlight it and send it to the device and it will open the “phone” screen with the dialed number.

You don’t need a maximum amount of set up. You only need to download the Chrome to Phone extension for Chrome on the desktop and it will ask you to log into the account used with your phone. You can do the same with the Chrome to your phone app on the phone and run it.

The app doesn’t support using Google Apps but it allows using only one Google account at a time. In future, they are thinking of expanding its repertoire which will include sending files, pictures, images, music and apps. This is a big step they are using to integrate the desktop and mobile web browsers.