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Google’s Doodle – Marking the 12th Birthday of the Search Giant

Google’s Doodle – Marking the 12th Birthday of the Search Giant
It’s Google’s 12th birthday today and the search giant is celebrating over a decade long of search engine dominance. They have marked their 12 years of existence with a Doodle painting of a cake on the home page, which is done by Los Angeles artist, ‘Wayne Thiebaud’. The company became a corporate on September 27, 1998 and from that moment began a gigantic journey that created an online phenomenon.

Visitors are greeted with a picture of a cake on the search engine’s home page. The candle of the cake represents the ‘L’ in the Google logo.

The Doodle this time is pretty simple and it doesn’t need any explanation. It’s a simple cake with the initials of the search giant. Though it is pretty simple as compared to the recent colored balls and playable Pacman doodle, which distracted a lot of users.

The creativeness of Google’s Doodle is noteworthy. It does lighten up the home page but it also invokes a lot of curiosity in its users. The Doodles become more prominent when there is a celebration or to mark birthdays, events or anniversaries. Well, the search giant is here to stay for a long time and we will still get to see a lot of creative doodles on the way.