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Google Instant – A new innovation or not

Google Instant – A new innovation or not
Google Instant has been making waves across the Internet, and has also been making all the other search engines work harder to beat it down, but is it really a radical innovation that is changing the whole search experience? According to one industry expert, it is not a radical change.

What you didn’t know is that Google Instant has naturally evolved from the search engine’s Suggest function, released in the year 2004. While the feature filters and alters the way you interact with search, it does not make any changes to the search results.

This updated feature in the search engine has not incurred any changes in its ability to measure the search activity consistently.

Google Instant can also predict if the search is for news, images, video and in turn, displays the best media type that is relevant to the search.

But as compared to Google Classic, Google Instant will supersede as it is going through a global rollout.

Google services received about 10.3 billion searches last month in the United State and saw a high share of 65.4 of the market share.