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Chrome Celebrates its 2nd Birthday with New Stable Release

Chrome Celebrates its 2nd Birthday with New Stable Release
Google’s Chrome is turning two and to celebrate the event they have released an updated version of its browser promising users with faster speed and a simplified interface.

Google has stated in their blog that the new version of its browser will be three times faster regarding the JavaScript performance than before.

The search giant has also been focusing on simplifying the chrome of its browser. They have fused the browser’s two menus into one, cleaned up the Omnibox and URL box, moved button locations and adjusted the color scheme.

In recent search queries, Google has seen a drop down in their search results. Most users have left to a more better Bing and Yahoo. However, they are always working hard to make their services to the people faster and more user friendly. Be it the search engine or the browser.

The Chrome is getting a makeover with faster results, improved graphic performance and with Chrome Web Store, they hope to make the browser much easier to find and use better applications on the web.

Google had also released a developer preview of their Google Web Store. Now, developers can upload applications, experiment with the packaging, and install them in its browser. According to one reports, the store will make its debut next month.