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Latest Google's Doodle Mystery

It is always interesting to see the designs of Google’s Doodle. You can say some of them are a masterpiece. Yesterday Google had unveiled a new logo and what’s great was that you could play along with it.

"But it gradually recaptures its original color as you type into the search box."

Google’s Doodle yesterday was a collection of colored balls which move away when you pass your mouse over them. When you put the mouse away, it settles down and form the Google logo. Unlike other Doodle’s this time it doesn’t appear to refer to anything in particular.

The Google ball logo consists of a lot of HTML5. This is not the first time, Google has tried to do something different. In May 2010, they allowed internet users to play PacMan during the weekend on their homepage. This was selected to mark the 30th birthday of their classic arcade title.

Yesterday’s doodle was fast, interactive and fun just like what Google is trying to make their search to be. Google hasn’t disclosed yet why they had launched this logo and they have declined to comment whether this had been intended as a birthday celebration. Usually they come up with out-of-the-ordinary logo to mark an anniversary or event.

Today, the whole scenario has changed again. The logo is colorless unlike yesterday’s bright colors. The logo stands alone quietly and is completely opposed to the vibrant nature of yesterday’s logo.