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Google Launching Sponsored Map Icons In Beta Mode

Google Launching Sponsored Map Icons In Beta Mode
Web marketing solutions will be broaden as now Google is launching sponsored map icons in beta mode. Google always has a surprise for us every now and then. Their new innovations not only make sure they remain in the spotlight, but it also keeps us happy.

People will have a great time reaching out for the Google map as now they will find sponsored map icons displayed on it. Now, company logos will appear on the map making the search more enjoyable.

The sponsored map icons is now in beta stage and will be tested using big brands like HSBC, Public Storage, Target and Bank Of America. Well, Google loves to experiment first when they launch something new. Great just to see whether users response well or not. If this feature tunes well with the users, then it will be rolled out to other companies.The logo will simply replace some point of interest icons but it will not be displayed according to the query typed into the Google Maps.

Companies will be charged CPM (Cost Per Impression) rather than CPC (Cost Per Click) model. It means the users will have to pay only when the logo is viewed and the logo will be displayed based on its popularity.

For web marketing solutions, this new feature will help consumers to identify brands and locate stores and places on the high street.

As far as web marketing solutions go this is a really cool idea that will help consumers identify with brands and mentally locate stores and places of interest on the high street. Hat off to a great Google innovation.