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Google Live Search – Good or Bad

Google has always believed in refining its search value but they have been receiving a mixed reaction from the users especially for search engine optimization experts, it’s a big headache every time a change comes in.

Now a number of changes have taken place, which include changes to the dictionary listings, images section and the color of paid adverts. All these changes have been done to enhanced the user experience. Most welcomed the changes but few dread over anything new comes.

There had been a lot of speculation about the testing of their latest dashboard tweak but we still don’t know whether this is just a test that’s going to be wasted just like Google’s Wave expedition or it might turn out to be successful.

The latest test is a feature which alters the search result as you type but this clearly modifies the page providing instant page refinement instead of pressing the enter key each time a keyword phrase is changed. This sound quite efficient, but does it bring anything new to the search experience.

This is just an experimental stage and if you want to learn more, you could visit the Google’s official blog.