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With Google Instant The Death of SEO Predicted AGAIN

When Google changes something, it brings chills down the spine in most SEO experts. They hate it when Google starts acting smart.

The new feature, Google Instant, has become an instant debate with many search engine marketers. This has changed the total aspect of search results. Google Instant means no one will be able to see the same web and it has made optimizing a site almost next to impossible.

We don’t know whether this has finally killed SEO, but definitely it has changed a lot of rules again. It marks one of the biggest changes in years to Google’s search engine technology. But, Google does keep changing on and on. Don’t they? And every time they do, they send every SE marketers on their toes on how they can perfect it before others do.

So, why the big fuss over this new feature. If SEO experts have been surviving a major sea of changes that Google inflicted before, why not now. Bottom line, SEO is not dead. It’s still alive and trying to outsmart Google once again.