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Bing is Coming up with a new trick against Google Instant

Bing is Coming up with a new trick against Google Instant
With Google Instant, it has fueled a new competition between all other major search engines. Now the competition is full on. New innovation has been accelerated in the search space with Bing.

Google and Bing have been at each others throat, and have each been coming up with new technologies. The Google Instant went live last week, which changed the search page. Now Bing is not sitting idle, they are coming up with new interesting innovations to compete with Google.

Microsoft has introduced some new features at the IE 9 launch event in San Francisco. Most of the features that Microsoft introduced rely upon CSS3 and HTML5, a little late to adopt. IE 9 is the only browser that can support Bing’s new features, but other browsers have supported this technology for years.

Bing’s use of HTML5 tools is good news for the developers as it will speed up adoption of HTML5 compatible browsers. IE users are usually behind Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari users as they are totally new in adopting these latest technologies.