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Google Instant – Making Searches Lively

Google Instant – Making Searches Lively
The Google Instant is a new feature that Google added to dramatically reduce the amount of time that people spend on searching online. This feature saves time just by eliminating the keystrokes.

As soon as you start typing, the homepage jump to the result page. You don’t have to enter the search button anymore when you finish typing and don’t need to spell out the whole title. The result will come automatically to you.

This new interface also provides a drop down lists, suggesting different titles. You only have to click and the searches will be ready. This is not a new feature to the search giant and it is a standard feature in Bing and Yahoo. The suggestion is made based on the historical popular queries.

Google love being different and this new feature is something that Yahoo and Bing haven’t tried yet. Google Instant puts the most popular searches and turn it into immediate search results.

Google's vice president of search products and user experience, Marissa Mayer said: “We're really trying to make sure we have search as fast and as efficient as possible. It's really providing results in real time before you have the opportunity to type your query."

There are billions of users searching in Google each week and this feature will ultimately save about eleven collective man-hours every second.

For now, Google Instant is available in only and not all browsers are ready for the feature. It works perfectly in Chrome and Firefox but in Safari, the old search interface is still there. Google Instant will be available globally in the coming weeks.