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Bing boosts social search with Twitter account suggestions

Bing boosts social search with Twitter account suggestions
You will now find suggested Twitter accounts displayed on Microsoft’s Bing search engine. This account will allow users of its social search engine to subscribe or follow in the Twitter parlance based on the search queries made.

To choose the account suggestion, Bing gives more value to a wide range of factors about its author like popularity, influence and the knowledge about the theme in question.

Twitter is growing fast with more than 140 million accounts and to find interesting people to follow can be a hard effort. With the people recommendation from Bing’s Social, you will now be able to discover relevant and interested Twitter users based on the searches.

If someone is searching for a celebrity, Bing might suggest the star’s official Twitter account, while if you search for a product, the suggestion will be for the manufacturer’s account and of the professionals.

Bing is increasing its capability in the popular area of social search. The search engines are trying hard to help their users sort through the huge amount of pointless drivel in the social media services and find valuable and reliable information.

Hopefully, this feature will help Bing climb up the ladder of success after the whole buzz about Google Instant, which has helped Google dominate over the search industry again.