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Bing and Google Racing for Search Features

Bing and Google Racing for Search Features
Most of Google’s loyal users have recently made a shift to Bing. Though they still use Google as their main search tool, they also find themselves navigating to Bing for certain tasks.

Bing is certainly new to the search industry and they have been handling a small percent of web searches as compared to Google. But, we do see a gradual increase in their share while Google’s has been shrinking.

No doubt, Google is still the search king, but they are keeping a close watch over Bing and mimicking some of their innovations. This has resulted in enhancing their search features and giving their users more sophisticated tools for search.

Competing with Google seemed an impossible task as they have been dominating the search industry with a staggering high percent, higher than putting together all search engines’ search percent. But now, there is a surprising twist in the competition with Bing giving Google a run for their money. They have introduced some great features, impressing analysts. They are striving hard to build a more comprehensive and accurate search engine; more than that of Google's. This task may seem next to impossible, but looking back at time and remembering the failures of many search engines, Bing is certainly doing a great job.