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Google Acquires Angstro

Google announced on Sunday that they have acquired start up Angstro as a part of their effort to build a powerful social networking service which effectively competes with Facebook.

Google has been hysterical over the past few months trying to compete with the social networking giant Facebook. They have been purchasing a plethora of services and sites for the past months to win over Facebook.

Earlier this year, Google had purchased the social gaming site, Slide and recruited its founder Max Levchin as VP of engineering for the social network efforts.

The search giant had also invested $150 million in Zynga, a social gaming network. They are targeting to win over the user with games just like Facebook is using games to retain their users.

Google new social networking venture, ‘Google Me’ is still in a stealth mode and Google is strictly guarding its privacy over this.

It’s no secret that Google has been on its toes to do everything in their power to overthrow Facebook but till now their efforts are wasted. It is also rumored that Facebook will soon start its own advertising network to rival Google’s AdSense.

Well, the rivalry is totally there. Now, the battle is becoming more interesting. Let’s see if Google will finally win over or Facebook will still dominate.