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Bing Powering Yahoo Searches

Bing Powering Yahoo Searches
If you search in Yahoo, you will find no difference except just three words at the bottom of the page - “Powered By Bing”.

It’s been nearly 13 months after Microsoft and Yahoo announced their plans to collaborate in hopes to challenge Google’s market dominance. They have also announced that all Yahoo English language searches made in the US and Canada will result in Bing’s search engine.

The two companies are also trying to complete the paid search transition, text advertising links which run beside and above the standard results before the make or break holiday period.

Now nearly 30% of US searches are made from Yahoo sites or from Bing and it seems the clock has starting ticking to compete with Google in a way which they could not do individually. The search result that both search engines have achieved is a big milestone in this search industry.

Yahoo has dismissed the rumor that it is no longer a search engine. They said that the money it will save by outsourcing the big computer infrastructure to crawl, index and rank the Web to Microsoft will give the freedom to Yahoo engineers to develop new search products.

By merging the US search queries that the two companies received individually, which accounts to 5 billion in a month, the alliance will be able to grow the quality for advertisers, and consumers based on relevance a lot faster.