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Google Halts Wave

Google Halts Wave
When news about Google’s Wave came rippling through, we all thought it was their most prominent new innovation, but it turns out to be their biggest flop.

Google has announced that they are going to halt the development of Google Wave, the real time collaboration tool designed to be a cross between group chat, email and instant message. Google Senior Vice President of Operations, Urs Hölzle, posted on Google Blog on Wednesday, “We don’t plan to continue developing Wave as a standalone product.”

The main reason for this abortion is the slow user adoption. They will still support Wave through the year ending but after that the product will be slowly phased out.

Wave was unveiled in May 2009 at Google I/O, the yearly developer conference of the company. Developers were quite excited about this new service. With several new technologies incorporated, which pushed the boundary simultaneously of what was possible in the browser based apps and tapped into real real time communication boosted by Facebook and Twitter. They were very positive about its possibilities and it was even thought to replace the email inbox as a primary form of communication.

However, the scenario is not what they have proclaimed. Even in this year’s Google I/O, they didn’t spend much time on Wave and the developer’s interests were very low.

Wave has so many different features that it confuses the users, who have never figured out how it works. Again, with other competitors, it is failing to meet the interest of others.