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New Search History Link Introduced in Google

You may have visited many websites in a day and sometimes it happens that going back to a site may be a bit difficult as we don’t remember all of them. But, it can be quite frustrating if that is hindering your search.

Now, a new history feature has been introduced which will help users get back to the sites which they have been to recently, and see the items they have starred from Iphone, Android or desktop searches. You can just sign in and click on the history link at the Google homepage bottom.

Enabling the search history in an account, you will be able to see the history of all the searches while you sign in from anywhere. In the mobile searches, a little phone icon is used to mark, which tells them apart. If you search from a laptop or desktop, you will be able to see screen-shot thumbnails that will help you recognize and visit the site again quickly. You can also remove any history item, there is an “Edit” button at the page top and you can delete individual queries. In case, you don’t prefer to keep recording your search history all together then, you can choose “Do Not Save Searches” options under Settings.