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A New Kind of Search by Google that delivers as you Type

A New Kind of Search by Google that delivers as you Type
It has always been a constant battle for the search engine giants to compete with their search capabilities. Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines are trying different innovative search capabilities to make their users stick on. If you see, the searches are now becoming quicker and saving you lots of time.

Google had earlier made some changes in their search engine to make the user searches even better. You can filter your searches with the help of the left menu. This has earned them a lot of applaud from the users.

Google loves to experiment with new ideas for their users and now they are developing a new kind of search that delivers results instantly as users type the letters.

When the new experiment was found out, Google confirmed that it was real. This new search capability, if launched as a standard part of the search engine, will boost their user friendliness even more. This will help users save time as if the search is shown instantly and click upon. When you type the letters, you will see that the searches will differ as you type. You can click on the result instead of typing the whole.

Let’s hope Google makes this experiment official sooner and you can enjoy the new search experience.