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1 Million Gmail Calls the First Day

1 Million Gmail Calls the First Day
If you remember in the earlier blog, we have mentioned about how you can make calls from your Gmail account now. The fact is that people out there are making these calls, and they are making it big!. What Google Wave and Google Buzz couldn’t do, this new feature has made up for in more ways than one!

Google has received a big victory when a million calls were placed from Gmail on the first day itself. Now, the search giant seems very pleased with the figure rising.

This service allow the users to make free calls to the US, Canada and calls to other international regions come very cheap. Here, Gmail is used as an interface and it can integrate optionally with Google Voice to receive calls.

In US, a number of calls were made when this new feature was activated initially. This rise has indicated that a sizable number of Gmail users have given it at least a try.

Some people have appreciated the efforts made by Google. They have shown their delight over the ease of use and the affordability of this service. This service has made business calling and receiving very smooth. Many have also mentioned that it did a lot better than Skype.

Though Google hasn’t been victorious over the social media realm, this is a big step they have taken and let’s see if this goes well with all.