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Mobile E-commerce May Jump by 2015

Mobile E-commerce May Jump by 2015
According to some studies, it has been predicted that the mobile e-commerce sales will be amount to 8.5% of all the e-commerce sales by 2015, within the United States. This will be a huge shift from today’s statistics, as mobile e-commerce only generates 2% of the overall sales.

The main factors that are behind this big jump in the mobile e-commerce sales will be that there are going to be lots of improvements in the smart phone technology and it can be used along with the mobile applications that allow for bar coding scanning.

There are around 800 million smart phones in the world as compared to the 1.3 billion computers. By 2016, it is estimated that there will be around 2 billion smart phones circulating and 2.5 billion computers. This will help mobiles drive more e-commerce and sales towards the devices.

The mobile phone application technology is growing in leaps and bounds, and with the increasingly advanced applications available today, it can drive mobile e-commerce sales to its maximum. The capabilities of the smart phones growth and the advancement of camera technology has made it easier to scan the bar codes and it will be easier for the customers to check the prices just by scanning the bar codes of prices in shops. It will allow users to buy the scanned items online if the price is affordable.

There are more new powerful smart phone applications, which could also allow those big online retailers to make mobile versions of their whole store available.