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Google has a New Navigation Tool Bar

Google has a New Navigation Tool Bar
Trustworthy reports have shown that Google has rolled out a new navigation bar to the public after nearly 6 months of rigorous testing. This navigation bar could help improve the overall efficiency of the news content marketing services, as it helps to move relevant articles higher up in the search engine rankings, which in turn leads to increased traffic, increased sales and increased effectiveness of the search engine optimization techniques.

This navigation bar is shorter than the one before and has more graphics and color in its interface. It also helps to efficiently remove clutter by grouping all the extra links in a menu. The bar has reportedly been inspire by Google Chrome and also helps by removing link underlining and replaces it with a colored bar that allows for more spacing between the links.

What’s more, the site also boasts of having an extra gear icon that provides more options and preferences for the user accounts. Google has tested the new navigation top bar last week. This bar helps to increase consistency across all the properties and is an updated version of the previous navigation bar. This new bar will now be rolled out widely.