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Is Google losing to Bing

Is Google losing to Bing
In the latest reports released by Experian Hitwise, the world’s biggest search engine, Google, has apparently lost some of its global search engine market share to Bing in January of this year. With Bing going all out, can Google really lose out to Bing?

In the month of January of this year, it was observed that Google’s percent share had dropped down to 67.95 from 69.67 % in December of 2010. What’s more, it was also observed that Bing’s percent share rose to 12.81 from 10.6 in December, 2010.

In the overall scenario, the Bing-powered search engines right from Yahoo to Bing have jumped in popularity to a 27.44% in January of this year from a 25.77% last year.

Above all, it was noticed that the Bing-Yahoo search engine success rate was found to be higher. The success rate was chalked at 81 percent, whereas Google’s was marked at 65% only.