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Chrome Beta 10: Delivering the Best

Chrome Beta 10: Delivering the Best
The new Chrome Beta Version 10 released by Google includes a wide variety of features like hardware-accelerated video, which has the capacity to cut the overall CPU usage by as much as 80% when running on full screen.

Yes, Google has recently released its latest Beta version of Chrome, and I’m telling you guys – this version comes with some of the most dynamic features ever!

It is said that Chrome’s version 10 now runs scripts at least 66% faster than any previous version. This new version also has features like hardware-accelerated videos which can cut your overall CPU usage by nearly 80% when running on full screen. This in turn helps to assist in overall performance as well as in extending your battery life.

And what’s even more interesting is the settings interface that now appears as a tab instead of a dialog box. This comes with a search box as well, in case you do not find a particular option, then all you have to do is enter a related keyword and it will display anything related to it.

There’s plenty to offer with the Chrome beta 10.