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Google Changes Search Algorithm to Combat Content Farming

Google Changes Search Algorithm to Combat Content Farming
Google is probably making one of its biggest moves of the year to ensure that its search results do not contain low quality articles from content farms. Google has announced that it will be making a big adjustment in terms of search algorithms so as to reduce the rankings of these low quality sites. Its aim is to provide high ranking for those sites that contain original information and content, and even those sites that contain detailed reports, research and analysis. These changes will reportedly impact nearly 11.8% of the search queries it receives.

However, Google does not specifically say that content farms are the main target, but it does mention that it will be penalizing all the low quality sites. Low quality sites can be defined as any site that provides low value information to users, or sites that copy content from other sites, and sites that are not at all useful.

However, Google has also specifically referred to such low quality sites as content farms in the past. Nearly a month ago, Google had announced that it would be improving the quality of web pages by taking action on content farms and low quality websites.