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Google fails to Mention Facebook

Google fails to Mention Facebook
Google has recently announced that its latest search engine would integrate more with social media, and has done so without even mentioning Facebook in the entire blog post! This comes as a major contrast to Microsoft’s announcement of the current Bing browser.

This failing to mention Facebook on the part of Google comes as an irony to the previous claim made by Google about how its social search results are “comprehensive”. Of course the announcement did mention Twitter, YouTube and Flickr, but the announcement also kept using the sentence “and other sites” as a way to refer to and dismiss Facebook.

What’s more ironical it seems is Google’s assertion about how it has given users more control on how they connect accounts, and how they have made connecting accounts a lot more convenient. Unless the search giant has changed its mind about inoperability with Facebook, you should try importing your Gmail address onto the social networking site, or perhaps vice versa.

So what do you have to say about this announcement by Google, and its convenient omission of Facebook?