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‘Google Shopper’ – The Latest iPhone Application to come out of Google

‘Google Shopper’ – The Latest iPhone Application to come out of Google
Looking for the latest iPhone application? Access Google! The Google Shopper is an application that will assist you in finding millions and millions of products. It helps by identifying products through bar code, cover art, text search and even voice search. If you’re looking to find the local as well as online prices for products, then Google Shopper can help you. If you’re looking for videos, reviews and specifications, then Google Shopper will help you make the right buying decision.

The application has long since been offered for all Android phones. Once a user clicks on a product result, his or her next step will be to compare prices amongst various retailers, and this can be indexed as well by the application.

Users can even find where they can get a product nearby, and this is extremely useful for last-minute shoppers. What’s more, Google even offers inventory information for a wide number of retailers. In this way, you will be able to see if a retail outlet has the item that you want, whether it is in stock, whether it has limited accessibility or if the item is out of stock.