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Want to Win $5,000? Enter Google’s Latest Competition

Want to Win $5,000? Enter Google’s Latest Competition
If you are great at creating infographics, then Google’s latest contest should interest you! Google has recently announced that it will be offering $5,000 to the winner of its Data Viz Challenge, which is basically a contest to find the best person who can offer the best visualization of data about where exactly your tax money goes.

The contest was announced today and is largely based on a website called, which was started by Andrew Johnson and Lewis Garcia, two developers. Impressed with this website, Google’s staff came up with an idea of having their own “interactive data visualization” or simply, infographics.

However, infographics does have its own set of limitations. So, taking up this challenge, Google has teamed up with Eyebeam, a non-profit art and technology center.

Those who are interested can participate in this competition.