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Google’s Mobile Ads

Google’s Mobile AdsGoogle only makes about $1 billion in mobile advertising revenues each year, out of an overall revenue of $29 billion. But the mobile market, especially the Smartphone sector, is very promising. On an average, mobile searches are said to increase by nearly 50 times if a user shits over to a Smartphone device. This week Google is looking to make good on its promise.

Karim Temsamani, the new head of mobile advertising, has recently given a number of interviews and written on the Google blog in an attempt to promote mobile advertising. Before this, the team at Google got started with releasing data on mobile advertising.

Head of mobile sales, Michael Slinger, who focuses mainly on search and click-to-call aspects has said ads are now being optimized for mobile phones and can be done so by either customizing them for a mobile audience or by moving on to more mobile-based content. Such ads have been reported to get an average of 11.5 percent increase in click-through rates. Simply put, people who use mobiles have been observed to respond to mobile content in a better way than they would in the more generic way.

These higher click-through rates are indeed very important for Google, as this is how it makes money. But it also stresses on the fact that although there have been many advances in Smartphone technology (giving handsets the same functionality as that of smaller computers), mobiles are still very different from online searches as far as user expectations and behavior are concerned.