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Google Celebrates Thomas Edison’s 164th Birthday!

Thomas Edison’s 164th BirthdayTo commemorate the world-renowned scientist, Thomas Edison, Google’s latest doodle reminds us that it is indeed his 164th birthday today! With its creatively animated logo, Google’s doodle aims to remind people from all over the world that it is the American inventor’s birthday today! This event closely follows that of Jules Verne’s birthday doodle, which was hosted earlier this week. Google’s doodles are a way to commemorate cultural, regional and scientific events that are important.

Today’s doodle honors the most famous invention by Thomas Edison – the electric light bulb. The light bulb was first invented in 1879 by Edison, who wasn’t the only person attempting to invent an incandescent light bulb. Thomas Edison’s other achievements include: the motion picture camera and the modern phonograph.

The doodle shows an image of a glowing electric light bulb that is possibly powered by a dynamo. The doodle however, is less flashy as compared to the Pac Man anniversary, the HTML5 bouncing balls or the interactive buckyball doodles of the past.