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Search Marketing Tool, Panda, causes controversy for Google

Search Marketing Tool, Panda, causes controversy for Google
After the recent changes to its search algorithm, Google has increasingly been facing allegations of rigging its search results, after many companies have found that their rankings have dropped. Panda is a search marketing tool that identifies all low quality websites and filters them out of the search results. Since the launch of this tool, many companies have experienced a sharp drop in their rankings.

Many companies have even found their rankings to have dropped by almost a hundred places in the search engine listings!

This change means that many companies now have to alter their SEO strategies to fit into the new system. Google has been denying these accusations of rigging all along; calling them absolutely absurd.

Panda was launched in the United States towards the end of February and by now, nearly 12 percent of all the US sites have been affected by the algorithm changes.