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Google Android slams Apple’s iPhone!

Google Android slams Apple’s iPhone!
Surveys have shown that in the United States, one out of every three Smartphone’s is powered by Google’s Android operating system, making it an industry leader with a mind boggling growth of 7 percent since November only, thus beating Apple’s iOS which has only grown by 0.2 percent since November.

This report comes as incredibly good news to Google, who has managed to make Android one of the main forces behind Smartphone’s in just 2 years, thus surpassing all of the former giants like Microsoft, Research in Motion, and Palm by nearly 33 percent. Today, Google’s only main competitor is Apple.

Google has done what no other company could have done. Imagine any company starting from zero and then ending up with a third of the market share in just two years! This is something only Google can manage to do. Let’s see whether their +1 system and their pay without your card by phone feature works this well too!