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Can Bing dominate over Google in 2012?

Bing Vs Google
Today, Google might be the dominating search engine in the United States, but research has shown that in the last six months, searches that are powered by Microsoft’s Bing have begun to increase at a rapid pace. So rapid, in fact, that if this trend continues, there will be a real competition between Google and Bing next year. And Bing may just about emerge as the winner!

Recent surveys have shown that Google was responsible for almost 65% of the searches in the United States last month. Bing powered searches include searches from and, have accounted for nearly 30% of the searches in the United States.

The very fact that Bing’s searches have crossed the 30% mark has made it a significant competitor to Google. Last year, Google controlled nearly 72% of the search market, while Bing powered searches covered about 23% only. But in the last 6 months, Bing’s market seems to be rising rapidly. But Google still dominates over Bing in a 2 to 1 victory. But when you consider that this ratio was 3 to 1 last year, then it isn’t that great a deal is it? Bing is currently growing by 5 to 6 percent each month, while Google is falling in popularity by 2 to 3 percent every month.

So what could possibly happen if this trend were to continue? Could Bing really dominate over Google next year? We’ll just have to watch and wait.