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Feds want to Monitor Google’s Operations

Feds want to Monitor Google’s Operations
Google is now being pressed by the U.S. Justice Department to let it monitor its business operation in order to gain approval of the company’s $700 million acquisition of travel data provider, ITA Software Inc.

Google has been resisting the department’s demands, as this would give the government the authority to review company behavior that could potentially hurt competition. For instance, officials want Google to assure them that it isn’t ranking its services higher than its competitors in the search results.

These negotiations between Google and the government are the latest signs that federal antitrust authorities are concerned about Google’s dominance as the world’s most popular search engine. The Federal Trade Commission is considering conducting its own antitrust investigation of the company’s operations.

Google’s rivals, Microsoft and Kayak have accused the company of intentionally harming the competition. The outcome of the Justice Department’s probe into the ITA acquisition may determine whether the agency will collaborate with the FTC for a broader scope of Google’s operations.