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Content Mills, Paywalls affected by Google’s latest algorithm changes

The latest algorithm changes implemented by Google in its page rank algorithm system, “Panda”, have affected paywalls. Owing to the latest search engine updates made by Google, many of the well established UK technology websites and paywalls have experienced a major drop in the visibility of their web pages in the Google search results. The paywalls could possibly have been affected because Google’s web crawlers may not have been able to access the full website.

These updates were introduced to its search engine earlier this week with the intention of pushing forward and rewarding high quality content instead of those sites that gain high ranking through SEO tricks.

Keywords form a major part of the search engines, and they use these metrics to determine which websites are the most relevant to a specific users search. An entire industry has emerged from this, where people have tried to outwit the search engines by correctly placing keywords in order to improve a websites search visibility and thus leading to spammy results.

Google has been making an active effort to lower the search ranks of content mills and companies that produce large amounts of low quality content.