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How Google’s latest Algorithm has changed the face of Internet Marketing

How Google’s latest Algorithm has changed the face of Internet Marketing
Google’s latest Farmer algorithm has changed the face of online marketing all over the world. However, many companies have started welcoming this change as it helps to promote sites that produce original, quality content. Google released this update in an attempt to improve the search quality by regulating the search results based on certain criteria.

Sites that have been hit the hardest are those with low quality content and that contains old information or that is never updated. Users have also been affected that have high ads to content ratio, proving that although Google gives high rankings to sites with original content, rankings of sites will be reduced if it isn’t connected to any authoritative content of value. This is why it is important to create valuable and compelling content. So, always provide your readers with information that they want and need and Google will reward you.

Social sharing and engaging users also plays a pivotal role in the ranking of a site. Google continues to promote social media results and those with an authoritative social media presence have greatly influenced rankings. High user engagements also define the external links that a website receives. Depending on the quality of your site, people will find your site useful is they link to it.

Since the algorithm is page specific, it is very important for Internet marketers to look at the data contained on the pages. By looking at which pages are taking hits, site owners can now see and understand the changes that should be made. If the whole site is being negatively impacted, then the owners will need to reevaluate the content.