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Achieving SEO Sustainability

Achieving SEO Sustainability
One of the most important lessons learnt after the farmer updates is to always do whatever you can to make your site a high quality and useful site. With these latest changes, many companies have now started investing in quality instead of looking for short cuts to get there. Quality and hard work is the only way to yield results in the long run.

However, many people are still; finding ways to get around this latest algorithm. If credibility, quality and authority can be identified in a site, then the site will immediately get noticed by the search engines. Other important factors include: density of advertising, address and phone information, author names and titles, content density, badges and memberships in known organizations, W3C compliance and even the quality of a site’s link profile.

Good SEO is something that brings various disciplines together, from user experience and information architecture to web design and how a site has scored. The credibility of a website and how it feels to its visitors are areas that play an important role in design. It is very important to figure out what your users want. Instead of running after algorithms, chasing your users is a great way to improve quality and hence your site’s rankings.

On-page strategies, off-page strategies and internal linking are great ways to emphasize the quality of your website. When you concentrate on the user and improving quality, your website’s performance will withstand even the most dramatic of algorithm changes.

SEO is constantly changing but the only way to survive is to focus on your users and not on the algorithms.