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Is SEO more Popular with Small Businesses this year?

Is SEO more Popular with Small Businesses this year?
With the New Year well on its way, it has become increasingly clear that more and more small businesses have begun to opt for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in their B2B digital marketing campaigns as a way to save money and market just as effectively. In the years before, very few small businesses were seen to utilize SEO as a marketing strategy.

However, this year, it was found that many more small-medium sized businesses have been turning to search engine optimization as a way to enhance their B2B initiatives. A 36 percent increase in the number of businesses was observed.

It was also found that companies that are currently using SEO as a marketing technique were up to 27 percent from 19 percent. Social media is also becoming increasingly popular for small businesses as a part of their B2B digital marketing operations.

Search engine marketers have also said that SEO is absolutely necessary for website, as it helps to bring in traffic to the a site and thus increases business.