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Google and Bing have seen a Steady Growth in December, while Yahoo! has fallen in popularity

Google-Yahoo-BingThe latest reports have shown that Google and Bing have gained a bigger share of the search market in the United States in the month of December last year. Yahoo! On the other hand, has reportedly taken a backseat!

Google has reportedly accounted for nearly two thirds of all searches or nearly 67% percent of searched in the month of December, which is a slight increase from the 62% that it boasted of in November. Yahoo! On the other hand, has dropped from a 16.4% in November to a mere 16% in December.

Just like Google, even Bing has seen a small rise in share. Its share on the US market in December was 12% from a 11.8% in November.

As far as the other search engines are concerned, the ASK market has reportedly dropped to a mere 3.5% from a 3.6% in November and AOL also fell from a 2% to a miniscule 1.9%.