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Is Twitter the fastest growing search engine today

Is Twitter the fastest growing search engine today
People’s response to Twitter since its inception has been remarkable, making it more popular after celebrities started sharing their thoughts with their fans. Twitter is becoming the biggest online social networking site. The site is now supporting about 800 million search queries a day and you won’t believe it but Google supports only 88 million search queries and that too per month.

There is a constant fight between the search engines for superiority. Each of them enjoy when there is a drop in their opponent’s search queries stats. Now, Twitter can join the ongoing battle but it has already been outdoing Bing and Yahoo. Compared to Bing’s growth of 22% in the US, Twitter searches increased by about 33%.

Recently, Twitter has formed a search partnership with the three major search engines to use all the data from Twitter and implement it into 1 overall package. With Twitter’s own search engine attracting millions of users looking for real-time results on live events, its competitors are looking for a piece of its success.

Twitter has been focused on improving its search engine right from the start and its developers are always on their toes, striving to make it more intuitive.