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Bing Search Engine Service for Android Powered Clients

Bing Search Engine Service for Android Powered Clients
Microsoft, in the course of a few weeks, will be spreading their search engine service for the Android powered clients. With Google along by their side, the Android clients don’t seem to need it.

The basic Bing clients were offered by Microsoft to Android community, however the main purpose is to map tasks. The old Bing experience will be totally revived by the new Bing client by bringing Desktop Bing site’s full features to the Android users.

The Sr. Vice President of Microsoft Online Services Division, Satya Nadella said that Microsoft is getting a good amount of Android users who are quite happy to use Bing as their search engine. The Bing search engine was launched in June last year and it has become a big part in increasing the company’s share in the search market.

Microsoft is playing a low key game to avoid bad figures. The company’s site accounted for 13% of the overall searches according to last month’s stats. They are gradually making changes in their search engine to attract more users and as compared to their previous versions, they have improved quite a lot. Some of the new features allow users to watch online videos and listen to online music.