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Yahoo Japan switching to Google's search engine

Yahoo Japan switching to Google's search engine
The largest Internet portal in Japan, Yahoo Japan will be switching to Google’s search engine while refusing to follow Yahoo Inc. in selecting Microsoft as their partner.

Yahoo Japan, who uses the Yahoo Inc’s search technology together with Google will control all the search market. The deal was taken after Yahoo Inc who owns 1/3 of Yahoo Japan integrated its search technology with Microsoft.

This deal hopes to strengthen the number one position in the domestic market. They will also adopt the search linked ad delivery system as well as feed its data to Google sites.

This deal has been remarked by Microsoft as a deal that would hand over the whole search market to Google only. The whole point of competition would be underrated. It may give Google virtually 100% of all the searches both paid and unpaid in Japan. Meaning there won’t be any search competition in Japan and all the personal search information for all consumers and businesses there will be controlled by Google.

However, some believe that if this deal between Yahoo Japan and Google works, then other search engines and portal site players around the world would start using Google’s technology.

Yahoo Japan President, Masahiro Inoue, had concluded that since Microsoft's search technology was not that strong for their needs, they had to switch to Google. However, Yahoo Inc. will remain as a strategic partner for them and still use the Yahoo brand.