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Google on Gaming to kill Facebook

Google on Gaming to kill Facebook
Google has been on Facebook’s tail to take on the social media platform. However, they still have no luck. Now, they are planning on pushing for social gaming as a major part of their efforts. Google is said to be discussing with several major players to port or develop games over to their emerging platform.

After a series of social networking ventures, Google has finally come up with Google Me, a new social networking site, which is posing a treat to Facebook’s dominance in the social networking work. Considering the track record of numerous trail and failures of their social media, Google cannot afford another failure or they must accept, social media is not their cup of tea.

Google has taken to creating games to differentiate themselves. Facebook is also popular for their social games but it wasn’t built around them.

Google has invested millions of dollar in social gaming powerhouse, Zynga but the confirmation is yet to come from either company.