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SEO - The Beginning of the End

SEO - The Beginning of the End
Over the past 5 years, web publishing was heavily dominated by SEO or search engine optimization. So much so that keywords became far more important than a site's actual content or audience. But this movement towards SEO seemed to be quiet dangerous, for web owners deviated from their most important goal of creating great content, to false goals, such as paid links, keywords and hacks that the audience primarily doesn't even care about.

Furthermore, even venerable publishers like Forbes, completely traded in their leadership legacy, in order to chase the Huffington Post pufferfish strategy of filling up Google’s database with more posts, more low-cost content and more frequency. While, stalwarts like Time Inc. seem to be chasing SEO basics.

However, the recent announcement of the Bing and Facebook partnership, which will integrate social and search results, clearly marks the beginning of the end of SEO, and some of the smartest digital publishers will soon be dropping everything in order to rethink their distribution strategy entirely.

Yes! With the rise of Facebook, we have entered into a new era of personalized discovery. Indeed! The balance of power is shifting. This shift simply highlights the fact that the audience values content, not keywords.

Thus, it’s time to christen a new era of Social Media optimization, or “SMO.” And if you haven’t turned your focus to SMO, you will be left behind as the allure of gaming search engines fades into the past.