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Now iPhone is coming with Google Goggles

Now iPhone is coming with Google Goggles
When you have Google in your mobile phone, it can be a great experience to search anything. Now, you can learn a lot about the world with the help of your phone’s camera.

Google Goggles was introduced in December last year and it lets you search just by clicking pictures. Google Goggles is now available as a feature of Google Mobile App for iPhone. The Google Mobile App allows users to make queries, and it in turn uses the phone’s location to provide more relevant search results.

In this new version of Google Mobile Application, you only have to tap on the camera button to use Goggles. The images will be analyzed by Google and it will highlight the objects it recognizes. You have to click on them and find out more.

The computer vision is still a hard nut to crack and Goggles is still a young product from the lab. It is working well for some things like logos, landmarks, book covers, games and DVDs. But, it still has to work for some things like plants, food and animals.

The Google Goggles is available in Apple App store. You can just search for ‘Google Mobile App’ and get the latest version and the best part is that it is free. It will appear gradually in all App Stores globally starting from today itself.

The Goggles however ares available only for English speaking users for the time being. Since it requires an auto focusing camera, only iPhone 3GS as well as iPhone 4 running iOS 4 or above will be the ones to support it.