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New Faster Image Loading Format Launched by Google

New Faster Image Loading Format Launched by Google
Google’s commitment to making the web faster has always been interspersed with problems, but has come out stronger than ever. Recently, they have announced an internally developed image format specially for use on the net. This could have a huge impact on the page loading speed.

Photos and images take up 65% of the bytes that are transmitted per web page. It significantly slows down the web experience. The JPEG, PNG and GIF formats were established over a decade ago and are out-of-date formats. This led to Google trying to see if they could find a way to compress the images to load faster in an HTML browser without reducing its resolution or quality.

They tool the wraps off the WebP image format. It is an open source project which is derived from related work to improve the video image compression.

After random tests on 1 million images picked from the web, Google has determined that the average advantage to use the WebP format is 40% without any noticeable loss in the visual quality. When we looked at the examples, we could not see any differences between the WebP versions and the original images.

Google has decided to release a conversion tool in future, which will allow webmasters to see if this image content generation will impact the site band width. However, the WebP will be a big benefit especially for the SEO community.