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How to use Google Latitude on a Computer in an easy way

How to use Google Latitude on a Computer in an easy way
There are ways to use Google Latitude from a computer but do you know the easiest way? With Google Latitude, you can start using Latitude apps, see where your friends are and share the location from one place when you are at your comp.

  • Finding Friends: The Latitude was launched along with a desktop iGoogle gadget to allow users to stay in touch with friends and family who don’t have a smart-phone. A desktop experience is vital to users even if they are not using Latitude on the phone. You can visit any dedicated site that will make it easier to use Latitude when you using your comp.
  • More with Latitude: You can also see that both Latitude and Latitude apps are in one place together. After you browse the friends list, turn on the optical Latitude when you go to the History or Apps tabs. The following are the optional Latitude apps that you should turn on: Google Location History (Beta) to view personal history dashboard, Google Location Alerts to get alerts from nearby, Google Talk Location Status – To post location in chat status, Google Public Location Badge - For publishing location on blogs or sites
  • Share Location: You can share your location with friends and others from your WiFi-enabled comp. You will have to give the Latitude permission to access the location when the supported browser reminds you.