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Facebook siding with Microsoft to fight Google

Facebook siding with Microsoft to fight Google
Microsoft has announced that they are partnering with Facebook, integrating their search engine into the most popular social network.

After the September’s search share results, it looks more like Bing will be trying to take on Google, after the search giant saw an increase in its share. When Bing is integrated into Facebook, it will unlock the wide potentials of social networking.

But more so than Bing vs Google, the most likely partnership to occur is that of Facebook, who has been trying in earnest to overshadow Google. From mid August till last week, Facebook’s engineering team were in a lockdown mode and they emerged to unveil an updated Facebook Group and a lot more of other improvements.

Google on the other hand, is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to forcing its way into the social networking scene. So far, Google has been failing to amass as much attention as Facebook, but the latter is beginning to become fidgety as they know that Google's efforts may just pay off some day.

And although Google has been stumbling a lot in the networking scene, Facebook is still very concerned. Especially since rumors have it that Google is developing a secret project that will exploit the weakness present in the Facebook systems. No wonder Facebook has been stepping on the gas and is renewing its attempts to innovate and progress. Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, even ordered his engineers to work 7 days a week! Last week they announced their new improvement and with the new Bing partnership let’s see what happens next.

The battle is still on but its beginning to get really hot on the Internet! We just can’t wait to see how Google is going to remark on this. Let’s hope they come up with some new innovations. If they do, we will definitely post it right here. Come back for more and check out this space to read about the latest Google Vs Facebook news!