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Google’s ‘Farmer Updates’ and how it helps Marketers

Google’s ‘Farmer Updates’ and how it helps Marketers
Google has made some major changes to its search engine algorithm since last month in an attempt to obliterate low quality websites with poor content that still rank highly in spite of these factors. Google has been facing large-scale criticism over the quality of its search results in the past and is now taking the necessary steps to improve things. This is likely to be an ongoing effort the online marketers should know about.

Framer Update is the latest update to come on to the scene and is named so because it helps to reduce the visibility of content farm websites that operate by generating low quality content that is specifically created to achieve higher rankings.

Studies have shown that since this update came into play, there was a 57% drop in the search engine performance of the content farm styled websites. This is definitely a positive result, as those sites that are not useful to searchers will not rank highly. However, reports have also shown that many legitimate sites have also been caught in the crossfire and have seen major drops in their rankings. Search experts are trying to find out why these sites have been affected in the bargain. But Google is working on minimizing the chance of this taking place.

But what does this mean to online marketers? Marketers who solely rely on SEO to promote their business are surely going to be curious about this new update. Marketers should welcome the attempts by Google to clean up its search results. After all, if web searches start to lose trust in the quality of Google’s searches, then this won’t be good for the marketers who are trying to promote their quality sites through Google.

Since the Farmer update is now going to be a part of an ongoing effort to improve the search results, marketers should be more careful about the marketing tactics that they use.