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Has Google completely tackled the Android Malware Issue

Has Google completely tackled the Android Malware Issue
A lot of people prefer Google’s Android to Apple’s iOS for their Smartphone’s. A lot of people also prefer the Droid 2 to the iPhone 4, even though Verizon has now started supporting the iPhone. But, if Google cannot completely clear up this new malware issue, then most people are going to be forced to change their mind.

Well it does come as great news that Google has managed to remove the malicious applications, but wouldn’t it be better if Google simply just check the software before releasing it on to the Android market? This isn’t too much to ask, is it? Wouldn’t it be better if Google could just make sure that none of its users are downloading malware from its official store?

What’s more, the remote application removal feature has its fair share of skeptics in the market. Yes, there are plenty of ignorant users who don’t the importance of security, but there are still plenty of users who have not been pleased that Google, or anyone else, can literally reach out and rip software’s out of their devices without their consent.

If Google is just going to go ahead and do that, then many users are asking why they should need an update to keep the malware from doing them any harm! Since Google is just going to go ahead and rip out malicious programs, then wouldn’t it just be better to get it over with instead of just blocking its functionality?

The malware was found on Android versions that were 2.2.2 or lower. Perhaps Google could make every Android user happy by updating all their devices to 2.3 versions? Perhaps? Yes, some phones that use the Android 1.6 version may not be able to handle it, but most of the other Smartphone’s would be better off with the 2.3 version.

But the good news is that Google is indeed making moves to prevent this occurrence in the future.